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The Empire of Stygia

The Empire of Stygia: Custom Map Pre-Alpha Testing

This is an active Patron Supported Project

Custom Content is Patron Supported

This is a Pre-Alpha Test of a custom map.  It is not a full map nor it is complete.

  1. Known Issues: water foot step splashing issues, heat map

  2. Unknown issues do exist

  3. This map will be based on Conan Lore and sticking to the Lore.

  4. This is not a high fantasy map nor a overhaul of any systems or functions of the base game.

  5. There is custom content that has been put into the map.

  6. Updates will be on a once or twice a month bases unless a major malfunction or bug requires an immediate fix.

  7. The map will continue to receive updates over time.

Stygia is located south of Shem and north of the Black Kingdoms.  Much of its borders are defined by the river of Styx.  Stygia's terrain is a mix of Dry desert mountains, desert plains, swamps and jungle marshes.

Capitol: Luxur

Major cities: Khemi, Keshetta, Harakht, Sukhmet.

Resources: Gems (lapis lazuli, fine quartz), medicines and charms, bronze, ivory, pearls, skins and slaves from the Black Kingdoms

Imports: Cattle, grain and other agricultural products

Allies: Kush, Turan and Zembabwei

Enemies: Shem, Darfar, Keshan

Religion: Set, Kerketo and Ibis

Map Locations


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Server Transfer Obelisks (AST) & Extended Cartography Obelisk

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