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About 3001 Ways to Die Servers

We are part of the Gaiscioch Guild Family of Online Social Gaming Community.  These servers and website is managed by Sir Henry Vale, an Elder of the Gaiscioch Guild Family.  Please note, this is not managed by the Gaiscioch Guild Leader and Founder, Foghladha, or any other Elders of Gaiscioch.  Nor is the official gaming servers or website for Gaiscioch.  Official website is linkd at the bottom of this page.  Also, other members of Gaiscioch do run Survival Game Servers.

Thank you for taking time to check our website and looking into our survival game servers.  Hopefully, you find us interesting for you to try our servers.

3001 Ways to Die Servers

We are currently managing 5 Survival Games servers, 4 for Conan Exiles and 1 for Valheim.  We started our first survival game server in March 6, 2019 and have grown since.   Server information is listed below.

We did run a server for Myth of Empires in Nov 2021 to March 2022, but due to another gaming company is suing Myth of Empires, we decided to close the server until the lawsuit is resolved favorably for MoE.  We had also ran a V-Rising server but due to lack of interest, we closed that server.

Do I have to be a guild member to participate?

No, everyone is welcome to join if you follow our server rules.  Majority of our servers' player base is not affiliated with our guild family Gaiscioch.

Do I have to join 3001 Ways to Die Discord?

No, but it would be extremely helpful to join the discord to obtain server announcements, information and being able to contact Admin with issues & suggestions.

Do I need to register on this website?

No, please do not register since there is no need nor there is any extra function gained by registering.  I have no forums or other feature that would requires a person to register on this website.  At the moment, unable to hide that feature due to my inexperience with Wix website design.

Comments, questions and suggestions?

Please either contact [GSCH] Sir Henry Vale on discord or leave your comments, questions and suggestions on the 3001 Ways to Die discord in one of the text channels.

This website has been updated on September 21, 2022.


3001 Ways to Die (Exiled Lands)

18+ PvE Server - somewhat modified EL map
(includes River Boats of the Exiled Lands map mod changes, The Darkwoods map mod additional region and Extended Map - Curse Wall Removal map mod changes to extend the map regions beyond the cursed walls)
Currently Paid until Aug 17, 2023.

Exiled Lands Map.png

3001 Ways to Die (Isle of Siptah)

18+ PvE Server - DLC Map
Currently Paid until Oct 19, 2023.


3001 Ways to Die (Savage Wilds)

18+ PvE Server - Mod created Map
Currently Paid until Aug 17, 2023.


3001 Ways to Die (Isle of Tir-na-Nog)

18+ PvE Server - very modified EL map
Currently Paid until Aug 19, 2023.

ITN Map.png

3001 Ways to Die Lou the Viking Valheim Server

IP:  Password is on 3001's Discord

Cooperative Server - No Mods

Currently Paid until Sept 27, 2022.  (Planning on renewing soon)

Valheim Map.png

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