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Server Transfers

Amunet Server Transfer Mod Instructions and Notes

Click the AST Placeable Obelisk of the map you wish to transfer to.  The Obelisk will indicate the server map when your mouse pointer hovers over the Obelisk.
The transfer from Exiled Lands Server to Isle of Siptah Server will take roughly 10 to 25 seconds to complete (pending on your computer / hard drive speed.)  It does vary sometimes. 

Transfers to / from the other servers (TEoS, SW, ITN, SE, SNOW and IoA) will take as long as it normally takes to log into the server.

First time Transfers

When you transfer to a new server for the first time, it will show the character creation screen.  Just hit complete and the mod will import your data over.

Followers will not transfer

Followers will not transfer from server to server.  Only things in your inventory will.  So, a thrall or pet in your inventory will transfer.  Followers will be left behind when you transfer.

If your character shows up naked logging in or transferring

In this situation, please log out and re-log back in the previous server.  This usually resolves the issue. (In cases you logged in initially thinking this is the last server you played on, that was probably incorrect, so log out and select a different server which may been the last)

Only exception is if you are wearing DLC gear that you are able to make since you do not own the DLC, then the character will appear naked but all other gear/inventory should be on the character.

Can you have multiple characters with the same account?

Technically, yes, but if you transfer to another server, that character on the other server will be deleted with the character you are importing over.  So, its best to have only one character for all the connected servers.

Server Transfers will work for all 8 CE servers

Please note that the Savage Wilds, Isle of Tir-na-Nog, The Empire of Stygia, Sapphire Exiles and Snowhunter Exiled Lands Dungeon servers have a different mod list so the server transfer to / from this server will be a mismatch transfer where the game will be require to auto-reboot after loading the server mod list. 
The Exiled Lands and Isle of Siptah servers transferring to and from each other will not have this problem and will be a quick transfer (roughly 20 seconds) since they both have the same mod list.

For some odd reason, Sapphire Exiles, you will need to click in the server list - game menu - Sapphire Exiles server to load into the server.  A quirk but reasonable workaround.

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