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3001 Ways to Die - PalWorld

Welcome to our Palworld Server!

Rules and information:

  • First Rule and Most Important Rule: Have Fun!

  • Discriminating or other Excessive behavior will not be tolerated.

  • Common sense applies.

  • No Exploiting of bugs.

  • Please do not build too close to another player unless approved by the player.

  • If you plan to stop playing the game or have stopped and believe you will not return, please remove bases from prime locations for other players to use.

  • Currently, there are no mods on the server. We are considering 1 mod.

  • We do not restrict client side mods. You are allowed to use mods like:

  • There is no main base and most people have gone off to make their own individual guilds/bases. This means we cannot do towers together but can do dungeons.

  • Please when asked and when possible, go to sleep so the night will go away.  

  • Please log in discord to be part of the community.  (Not required)

  • You are free to build anywhere that is possible and not too close to other players. 


Server Settings:

  • 10 Player Slots

  • PvE Server (Pvp OFF, No Friendly Fire, Loot only Guildmates Death Penalty Drops, Players do not exist when logged out)

  • Day and Night durations are unadjusted base game settings.

  • Collection multiple x2. Other settings are unadjusted base game settings.

  • Pal invasions of player bases enabled. (when you are there)

  • Egg incubation time has been reduced to half the time. (72 hour eggs take 36 hours)

​Server IP Address:

Password: family

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