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Extended Cartography

Extended Cartography Mod Instructions and Notes

EC Obelisk.png

Click the Extended Cartography Obelisk.  Click the drop down menu for the location you wish to travel to.  Please note, only discovered obelisks will show in the drop down menu.

Owners can name/re-name the Obelisk

Please try to name it an useful name since there will be many on the server

Will Followers travel with you?

Followers will transfer with you to the location you selected.  Also, the chained thrall should arrive as well.  Graphically sometimes it will show the chain stretching to the distance without the thrall, but as long you do not drop the thrall, it will be still with you so you can place it in the Wheel of Pain.

Where can I place these obelisks?

Please place all obelisks to be accessible to others outside your base.  

Can you have multiple obelisks?

Yes, but please try to keep it to 5 maximum per server.

Also, any obelisks found by themselves may get deleted when/if a player wishes to build in that area.

Are there server obelisks set up?

Yes, each server has at least 1 server related obelisk.  

Exiled Lands has an obelisk near each base game's Obelisk as shown below.

104 EL.png
Gaiscioch's Server Extended Cartography Obelisk

Unnamed City - by the Library

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