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Currently the server is offline due to lack of interest.  We will bring it back at a later date.

3001 Ways to Die Server Guidelines and Info

Welcome to our Valheim's 3001 Ways to Die (PvE) Server!

Rules and information:

  • First Rule and Most Important Rule: Have Fun!

  • Discriminating or other Excessive behavior will not be tolerated.

  • Common sense applies.

  • No Exploiting of bugs.

  • Please do not build too close to another player unless approved by the player to avoid overlapping boundary issues.

  • If you plan to stop playing the game or have stopped and believe you will not return, please inform us so we can clear your properties from the servers in order to free up space for others.

  • Note if you are taking a break from the game, please inform us so we can note it for property protection.  Please give us an update every 3 months on the status.  This would be appreciated.

  • Currently, there is only one mod: Valheim Plus mod

  • The main base is for everyone to use.

  • Using the farms, please take 50% of the food items (onions, carrots, turnips) and replant the rest.  (If they are seeds, please plant the seeds)  Same with Flax and Barley in the Plains' farms.  (These do not drop seeds)

  • Please show yourself on the map so other players know you are online.

  • Please update the Cartography Table with your discoveries.

  • Please when you do remember, to mark the map of emptied dungeons for others to avoid.

  • Please when asked and when possible, go to sleep so the night will go away.  Granted, this is not always possible (at sea, in a dungeon, etc.)

  • Please log in discord to be part of the community.  (Not required)

  • If you borrow a boat, please return it to the same dock.

  • Please restock the main base of ingredients when you can.  We could always use stone, greydwarf eyes, blueberries and raspberries. 

  • Please re-fill the smelters and blast furnace after use.  Coal is in the cart(s) near the Kilns.  Please make more coal if they are low.

  • You may place a portal at the main base to your home.

  • Animals, do not kill the named animals. Only unnamed Boars, Loxxes and Wolves for food and pelts.  Please feed them after so they can breed.

  • You are free to build anywhere, including the main starter island. 

  • Portal named "Portals" lead to Boss Buff area and structure of various portals placed in the world.

Server Settings:

  • PvE Server (no mods)

  • Day is 21 minutes, night is 9 minutes (base game settings)

  • Plants take roughly 2 game days to grown (base game settings)

Mod Server Settings will be posted soon.  (Currently a work in progess in those settings)

Server IP Address: OFFLINE

Password: 3001waystodie

Main Base.png

Main base

For everyone to use or access

Vale's Home Base.png

Sir Henry Vale's Home Base

In the areas with the Gates with 2 angled beams above it is Sir Henry Vale's Home Area.

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