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Vicious Gnome Gaming Server Guidelines and Info

Welcome to our Icarus Servers paid by Vicious Gnome Gaming!


  • 3001 Ways to Die Exotic Farming & Missions

  • 3001 Ways to Die Olympus Persistent World

  • 3001 Ways to Die Styx Persistent World

Rules, Guidelines and information

  • First Rule and Most Important Rule: Have Fun!

  • Discriminating or other Excessive behavior will not be tolerated.

  • Common sense applies.

  • No Exploiting of bugs.

  • Please when asked and when possible, sleep. Not everyone is able to play well during the night. Just try to be as considerate and courteous as possible in this regard.

  • Please log onto discord to be part of the community.  I have to stop whatever I am doing to type. It’s not ideal, particularly when there is an option to just speak on Discord. If you are unable to speak (no mic, broken mic) or just don’t want to speak, that’s fine. Join anyway so the rest of us can speak and you can type in game. If you want us to run a mission for you, then you must be in discord. Discord is required for missions.

Persistent World Maps Only

    • The main base is for everyone to use.

    • Please restock the main base of ingredients when you can.

    • You are free to build anywhere, BUT

    • Please do not build too close to another player unless approved by the player to avoid overlapping boundary issues. 

    • ​If you plan to stop playing the game or have stopped and believe you will not return, please inform us so we can clear your properties from the servers in order to free up space for others.

    • If you are taking a break from the game, please inform us so we can note it for property protection.  Please give us an update every 3 months on the status.  This would be appreciated

    • I’m not a big “rules guy”. I believe in “The Golden Rule”:

      • Treat others as you would like others to treat you.

      • Do not treat others in ways that you would not like to be treated.

      • What you wish upon others, you wish upon yourself.

    • In simplest possible terms: don’t be a jerk!

    • Rules are subject to change. Suggestions and feedback are welcome.  Thank you.

    • Final Rule
      Vicious Gnome (me) has final say on all matters regarding his servers. Let’s all play nice together, shall we?

Guidelines for Exotic Farming

  • There are no "requirements": anyone can come down to get "free exotics".  However, it would be very helpful if you could assist.

  • Take insurance.  It is free when we run this mission because there is no Ren. Only Exotics. So, again I say, TAKE INSURANCE.

  • For every exotics run, there are 10 possible exotic spawn locations, with 3 actual spots spawning. Ideally, and to maximize exotics, we want all three spots being mined. The range of exotics per run is 600-1200 exotics, as each node ranges from 200-400. This can be done in an hour with experienced teams. One person can do two nodes.

  • To assist, you need to bring down the following:

    • 2 Workshop Extractors

    • 2 Workshop Extractor Batteries

    • Everyone SHOULD (not required, but helpful) also bring down a Workshop Radar. With the radar, you can run a scan, which attracts wolves. Once you get three wolves, pick up the radar so as not to complete the scan. The three wolves will give you enough fur to make a bedroll, so everyone can sleep at night. 

    • Additionally, everyone should bring down a dropship recall beacon, to call your dropship to you when you reach your final destination. This way you don't have to run back, and also, so you can load your dropship. More on that shortly.

  • Once everyone gets their fur, a complete scan (or multiple scans depending on the quality of the initial scan) is done. This will let us know where the three nodes are.

  • Next, load your dropship before you leave if your final destination IS NOT in a forest biome. If it IS in a forest biome, you will have all you need when you get there, and you can just leave.

  • If your final destination is the artic or desert biome, fill up your dropship slots with all wood, and 400 fiber (two stacks of 200, for two dropship slots). Since you ARE NOT going to space, when you use your recall beacon to call your dropship to you, EVERYTHING IN THE CARGO SPACE WILL BE THERE WHEN IT LANDS. 

  • Remember when you do leave and return to space, only your work ship items in the cargo hold and on your person will go with you. Everything else will remain.

  • Those are the basics.

Missions you need to complete to unlock the Workshop Radars, Drills, and Batteries


LIVEWIRE: Terrain Scan
ICESTORM: Expedition (lower path)
SEARCHLIGHT: Scan (lower path)
WATERFALL: Expedition
PAYDAY: Extraction

Rules are subject to change.  Suggestions and feedback are welcome.  Thank you.

Final Rule
Vicious Gnome (me) has final say on all matters regarding his servers. Let’s all play nice together, shall we? 

Server Settings:

  • Day is 11 minutes, dusk/dawn and night is 13 minutes (base game settings)


Interactive Map

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