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Conan Exiles

Server settings

Welcome to our Conan Exiles' 3001 Ways to Die (PvE) Servers!
Exiled Lands (EL), Isle of Siptah (IoS), Savage Wilds (SW), Isle of Tir-na-Nog (ITN), The Empire of Stygia (TEoS), Sapphire Exiles (SE), Snowhunter Exiled Lands Dungeons Server (SNOW), Isles of Amazons (IoA), Isle of Men (IoM) and Ghosts of the Cataclysm (GotC).

Decay Timers:

  • Are turned OFF (No decay for properties)  

  • Without decay features turned on, temporary bases such as campfires and such will remain on the server permanently. Due to this issue, please remove your temporary bases of operation when you no longer need them so others can use the area.


  • Purges will only occur if you turn them on. 

  • Purges will be available on all the servers.

  • Purge attacks can destroy a player’s property.

Maelstroms (Isle of Siptah ONLY)

  • Maelstroms have a cooldown of 210 minutes (3.5 hours) 

  • Maelstroms last 30 minutes

Sandstorms (Exiled Lands and Snowhunter Exiled Lands Dungeons Server ONLY)

  • Sandstorms are enabled (unable to control frequency)


  • All containers / crafting stations will be locked as a default. You may unlock them if you choose. Please note, any clan member will have access to any container with the exception of the personal chest or a vault (if they are the lowest rank in the clan)

Doors and Gates:

  • All door and gates have the option of being locked (default) or unlocked. Also, gates and doors can have auto-close feature on/off. Exception is the Public Gates / Doors which does not have a lock mechanism on them.


  • Maximum Clan size is 10 players / accounts.

  • If you wish to leave a clan, your property (buildings and placeables) and thralls/pets will remain with the clan.

  • Please contact an Admin if you need some assistance of obtain some of your items, prior to leaving the clan.

  • Building transfers would move the entire clan properties to another clan.

Family Accounts:

  • Unlike Official Servers, we allow players use Family Accounts if they wish. This way, you may have "alt characters" on the server.

Other Server Info:

  • Nudity on full as a default server setting (you may change that personally in your own settings)

  • Player XP rate multiplier is set at default 1.0 (excluding events)

  • Day time should be 60 minutes, Dawn and Dusk should be 10 minutes each and Nighttime should be 10 minutes.

    • Day Cycle Speed is set at 0.5 (100% longer) – effects other settings below [default 30 minutes]

    • Day Time Speed is set at 0.5 (overall 200% longer) [default is 15 minutes]

    • Nighttime Speed is set at 2.0 (overall result is nighttime is set at default speed) [default is 10 minutes]

    • Dawn/Dusk Time Speed is set at 0.5 (overall 200% longer) [default is 2.5 minutes]

  • Player Active Thirst Multiplier 0.8 (20% slower to get thirsty but 20% more to drink)

  • Player Active Hunger Multiplier 0.8 (20% slower to get hungry but 20% more to eat)

  • Logged out characters will exit the world (No worries where you log since you will not be attacked while offline - side effect logging out in a dangerous area will still be dangerous when you return.)

  • Equipment will stay on character upon death.

  • Standard Harvest multiplier is 3.0 (excluding events) – (x3 faster)

  • Resource Respawn Speed Multiplier is 1.0 (default)

  • Crafting time multiplier is 0.5 (x2 faster)

  • Thrall Crafting Time multiplier is 1.0 (default)

  • Crafting cost multiplier is 1.0 (default)

  • Stamina Cost multiplier is 1.0 (default)

  • Player Stamina cost multiplier is 1.0 (default)

  • Player Stamina Sprint cost multiplier is 0.5 (1/2 the original cost)

  • Thrall decay – No Decay

  • Max Minions (Thralls/Pets) allowed is 50 (for single players) + 25 per each clan mate to a maximum of 300

    • This excludes any Thespian used as social / merchants.

    • This excludes any crafting thrall in crafting stations.

    • This excludes any non placed thralls / pets which are stored in containers or inventory.

Mod related Server Info:

3001 Server Mod

  • Encumbrance with Expertise is increased by 45 points (base game is 15, server mod is 60) 

  • Encumbrance with Strength is increased by 3 points (base game is 3, server mod is 6)

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