Conan Exiles

Mod Settings

Welcome to our Conan Exiles' 3001 Ways to Die (PvE) Servers!
Exiled Lands (EL), Isle of Siptah (IoS), Savage Wilds (SW) and Isle of Tir-na-Nog (ITN)

Some main Mod settings:

  • 10 x stack sizes (Stacksize Plus mod)

  • 3 x inventory space in containers / workstations (Unlock Plus with Pickup mod)

  • Able to pick up any item (Unlock Plus with Pickup mod)

  • Starting Funds is 5 gold, 1 silver and 20 bronze (Pippi - User & Server Management mod - Pippi Wallet)

  • 10 silver and 25 bronze is gained every 12 hours (Pippi mod, based on last payment, need to be online to receive payments)

  • Pippi wallet funds are used for /warps, /home, /return (Patron – VIP command only) /teleport accept (/tpa) and Pippi social and professional merchants. (Pippi mod)

  • Pippi wallet funds can be exchanged for physical coins at the coin exchange merchants. (Pippi mod)

  • Physical coins can be exchanged for Pippi wallet funds at the coin exchange merchants. (Pippi mod)

Server created Warps (Pippi mod):

  • /warp DEast (10 bronze) east side of Unnamed City (Exiled Lands Map Only)

  • /warp DNorth (10 bronze) north side of Unnamed City (Exiled Lands Map Only)

  • /warp DWest (10 bronze) west side of Unnamed City (Exiled Lands Map Only)

  • /warp Port Hades (10 bronze) – Port City at Exile River (western region) (Exiled Lands Map Only)

  • /warp River City (2 silver and 5 bronze) – Capitol City Khas Khemi (Exiled Lands Map Only)

  • /warp Relic Hunter City (2 silver and 5 bronze) – north side of Sepermeru (Exiled Lands Map Only)

  • /warp Welcome Center (free) – H3 south side of Exile River (Exiled Lands Map Only)

  • /warp Castaways Camp (free) – Camp of Castaways (Isle of Siptah Map Only)

  • /warp Murun Gates (free) - Muran Gates (Savage Wilds Map Only)

  • /warp Drowned Highway (free) - Drowned Highway (Isle of Tir-na-Nog Map Only)

  • /tpa (teleport accept) (10 bronze)

  • /tpr (teleport request) (1 silver)

  • /home (10 bronze)

  • /multihome (1 silver per teleport)

  • /return (1 silver) – Patron – VIP command to port back to previous spot after a teleport