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Conan Exiles
Servers' Mod Settings

Welcome to our Conan Exiles' 3001 Ways to Die (PvE) Servers!
Exiled Lands (EL), Isle of Siptah (IoS), Savage Wilds (SW), Isle of Tir-na-Nog (ITN), The Empire of Stygia (TEoS), Sapphire Exiles (SE), Snowhunter Exiled Lands Dungeons Server (SNOW), Isles of Amazons (IoA), Isle of Men (IoM) and Ghosts of the Cataclysm (GotC).

Mod settings:

Stacksize Plus Mod

  • 10 x stack sizes


Unlock Plus Mod

  • 3 x inventory space in containers / workstations

  • Breakable Locks: OFF

  • Locking capabilities - Placeables: ON

  • Locking capabilities - Thrall Slot: LOCKED (Thrall slot is blocked for access by non-clan members)

  • Locking capabilities - Doors and Gates: ON


  • Styles: ON

  • Armor Type Lock: OFF

  • Hide Armor: ON

  • Warpaints: ON

  • Weapons: ON

  • Attached Weapons: OFF (Vanilla has it already)

  • Dyes: ON

  • All Channels Dyeable: ON

  • Maximum Color Value: 15 (Default)

  • Maximum Saturation Value: 18 (Default)

Better Thralls

  • Number of Additional Followers: 3

  • Perquisite "War Party": OFF

  • Pickup Thralls/Pets: ON

  • Cooldown: 0

  • Landclaim Restriction (for Pickup): OFF

  •  Health Restriction (for Pickup): OFF

  • XP Settings

    • Thralls/Pets that do not follow - kill XP percentage: 0%​

    • Level Limit: 1.0

    • Debug Output: OFF

  • Fall Damage: 40%​

  • Thrall Carry: OFF (Experimental)

Kerozard's Paragon Leveling - Reloaded

  • Max Level: 300

  • Attribute Points at Max Level: 75 (Grants 1 attribute point every 16 levels post 60 until reaching the max of 75 at level 300)

  • Knowledge Points at Max Level: 3,000

  • Approximately 10 to 11 feat points every level (post 60) until reaching the maximum 3,000 at level 300

  • Enable Critical Hits Against NPCs: YES

  • Enable Critical Hits Against Players: YES

  • Critical Hit Chance Per Stage: 2%

  • Critical Hit Damage Bonus: 50%

  • Avoid Durability Loss Chance per Stage: 3%

  • Bonus Harvest Chance per Stage: 3%

  • Bonus Harvest Amount: 100%

  • Legendary Chest Level Requirement: 30

LBPR Additional Features

  • Elevators speeds can be increased to x10

Less Building Placement Restrictions

Client Settings (Optional for players):

  • Building Directional Arrow Settings: - LBPR Arrows, or Default Arrows, or Both Arrows, or No Arrows 

  • Placeable Directional Arrow Settings: Vanilla Settings (Displays arrow based on Individual Placeable), or Placeable Arrow Always On, or Placeable Arrow is Always Off.

  • Building Info Keybind: [TAB]

  • Enable Building Brush Material: YES or NO

  • Enable Placeable Brush Material: YES or NO

Admin Settings (Server Settings):

  • Building Settings (Everyone)

    • Allow Building Info: YES

    • Allow Fence Foundation "Stacking" (2.7 Placement Rules): NO

    • Building Rotation Settings: All Buildings Extra Rotations (Everyone)

  • Building and Placement Permissions in Vanilla Restricted Areas

    • Allowed to Build Anywhere (Everyone): NO​

    • Allowed to Build Anywhere (Admin Only): YES

    • Allowed to Place Followers Anywhere (Everyone): NO

    • Allowed to Place Followers Anywhere (Admin Only): YES

    • Bypass Collision Check for Underground Building and Some Dungeons: YES

    • Bypass Collision Check for Follower Placement Underground and Some Dungeons: YES

  • Placeables - All Types (Everyone)​

    • Allow Placements Underwater: YES​

    • Bypass Vanilla PItch and Tilt Setting: NO

    • Pitch and Tilt Value (Vanilla is 30 Degrees): 45 degrees

  • Placeables - Ground (Everyone):​

    • Allow Easier Ground Placement: YES​

    • Bypass Some Checks for Floor Contact: YES

    • Allow Overlapping (Ground Objects:) YES

    • Force Allow Placeable Stacking: NO

    • Allow Doors, Gates, and Drawbridges to Bypass Overlap Rules: YES

    • Allow Altars to be Placed Near Each Other: YES

    • Allow Placeables and Buildings Near or on Beds (Can Block Spawnpoints on Beds): YES

  • Placeables - Walls (Everyone)​

    • Allow Overlapping (Wall Objects): YES​

    • Allow Placement on Non-Straight Surfaces: YES

    • Allow Wider Range for Wall Placement: YES

    • Allow Placement of Wall Objects on Non-Building Surfaces: YES

  • Follower Options (Everyone)​

    • Allow Placement of Followers Closer to Other Followers: YES​

    • Allow Placement of Followers on Player Land Claim: NO​

  • Land Claim Settings (Everyone)​

    • Allow Placement of Bedrolls, Notes, and Signs on Player Land Claim​: YES

    • Allow Placement of Followers on Player Land Claim: NO

  • LBPR Building Overlap Options​

    • Enable All Buildings Overlaps (Everyone): YES​

    • Enable All Buildings Overlaps (Admin): YES

    • Enable All Custom-Building Overlaps (Everyone): NO

    • Enable All Building Upgrades and Sidegrades (Everyone): NO

  • Climbing Options (Everyone)​

    • Allow Climbing in Dungeons - Toggle Outside of Dungeon: NO​


Pippi Mod

  • Starting Funds is 5 gold, 1 silver and 20 bronze (Pippi - User & Server Management mod - Pippi Wallet)

  • 10 silver and 25 bronze is gained every 12 hours (Pippi mod, based on last payment, need to be online to receive payments)

  • Pippi wallet funds are used for /warps, /home, /return (Patron – VIP command only) /teleport accept (/tpa) and Pippi social and professional merchants. (Pippi mod)

  • Pippi wallet funds can be exchanged for physical coins at the coin exchange merchants. (Pippi mod)

  • Physical coins can be exchanged for Pippi wallet funds at the coin exchange merchants. (Pippi mod)

  • Pippi's list of commands on this linked webpage 

Server created Warps (Pippi mod):

  • /warp DEast (10 bronze) east side of Unnamed City (Exiled Lands and SnowHunter Exiled Lands Dungeons Maps Only)

  • /warp DNorth (10 bronze) north side of Unnamed City (Exiled Lands and SnowHunter EL Dungeons Maps Only)

  • /warp DWest (10 bronze) west side of Unnamed City (Exiled Lands and SnowHunter EL Dungeons Maps Only)

  • /warp Port Hades (10 bronze) – Port City at Exile River (western region) (Exiled Lands and SnowHunter EL Dungeons Maps Only)

  • /warp River City (2 silver and 5 bronze) – Capitol City Khas Khemi (Exiled Lands and SnowHunter EL Dungeons Maps Only)

  • /warp Relic Hunter City (2 silver and 5 bronze) – north side of Sepermeru (Exiled Lands and SnowHunter EL Dungeons Maps Only)

  • /warp Welcome Center (free) – H3 south side of Exile River (Exiled Lands and SnowHunter EL Dungeons Maps Only)

  • /warp Castaways Camp (free) – Camp of Castaways (Isle of Siptah Map Only)

  • /warp Murun Gates (free) - Muran Gates (Savage Wilds Map Only)

  • /warp Drowned Highway (free) - Drowned Highway (Isle of Tir-na-Nog Map Only)

  • /warp Keshetta (free) - Keshetta City (The Empire of Stygia Map Only)

  • /warp Forgotten (free) - starter area (Sapphire Exiles Map Only)

  • /warp Abydos (free) - small city (Isle of Amazons Map Only)

  • /tpa (teleport accept) (10 bronze)

  • /tpr (teleport request) (1 silver)

  • /home (10 bronze)

  • /multihome (1 silver per teleport)

  • /return (1 silver) – Patron – VIP command to port back to previous spot after a teleport

Isle of Tir-na-Nog Seasons

  • Each season will start during North American's date of change of the new season.

  • For Spring, March 20, 2023 & March 19, 2024

  • For Summer, June 21, 2023 & June 20, 2024

  • For Autumn, September 23, 2023 & September 22, 2024

  • For Winter, December 21, 2023 & December 21., 2024


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