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Vicious Gnome's Myth of Empire Servers


Welcome to our Myth of Empires (PvE) servers
Central and Eastern Maps

Myth of Empires
Guidelines and Server


  • First Rule and Most Important Rule: Have Fun!

  • Discriminating or other Excessive behavior will not be tolerated.

  • Common sense applies.

  • No Exploiting of bugs.

  • Please do not block access ways to resource camps and strongholds.

  • Please remove your temporary bases once you are done with it. (i.e. firecamps, bedrolls)

  • If you plan to stop playing the game or have stopped and believe you will not return, if you could, please remove your properties.  Also, please inform us which would be helpful to know what is going on.

  • If you wish to have a collection point that is being used by Knight’s Errant, please contact Vicious Gnome, Danali or Song Fu (aka Sir Henry Vale) on discord or in game.  (Discord is the better option).  We will free up those collection places if it is not right next to our base. 

  • Note if you are taking a break from the game, please inform us so we can note it for property protection.  Please give us an update every 2 months on the status.  This would be appreciated.

Server Maintenance:

  • Will occur every day at 1 AM PST / 4 AM EST / 8 AM GMT. Typically, there is a rollback of 5 to 7 minutes when the server restarts.  This is due to server backup the server every 10 minutes and depends on the timing of the restart and the backup.

  • Server Back-up will occur at least once week, usually on Mondays. The day the server is backed up, the server will be down longer than usual.

  • Server will also be backed up with a major change on the server, such as adding or removing mods or known large patch.

Decay Timers:

  • Are turned OFF (No decay for properties) for all servers​


Building Retention:

  • Please clean up temporary bases (fire camps and such) once you no longer need them.  They will not disappear automatically due to no decay on the server. 

  • If you decide to quit the game / server with no intention of returning, please remove all your properties, if possible. If not able to, please inform the admins so we can clear your properties.  This way those spots will be free for others to use.  

  • Any solo player or entire clan that is offline for a month or longer, Admins may wipe their properties from the server since it appears they will not return. This is to reduce clutter on the server when they are inactive.  To reiterate, please inform admins if you will be away for a period of time for us to grant you a waiver on property destruction.​​

  • Players may request to see if a property is old or inactive and should be removed (old guild property that no one is using anymore or inactive player/guild which meets the requirement for removal)

Knight’s Errant Internal Rules (not for non-guild players):

  • The guild crafting stations are for anyone to use.

  • Safes and other containers in crafting areas are free for anyone to use.  (Please restock when possible.  Do not use all the supplies)

  • Safes and other containers in sections of guild base such as the basement, private quarters are for events or personal use.  Please do not take those supplies.

  • At the Fortress (Northeast section of the map), the containers outside are free for anyone to use.  Containers not marked Song Fu inside the base are free for anyone to use.  All the crafting stations are free for anyone to use. Although please use the ones by the wooden house first if available since those Song Fu is not using. 

Additional Notes and Tips:

  • Tip: Easier way to search for the server is filter for “Vicious Gnome”

  • Vicious Gnome (Senior Administrator)

  • Sir Henry Vale / Song Fu (Administrator)

  • Danali (Administrator)

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