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3001 Ways to Die Mod Collection

The button below is the link to the 3001 Ways to Die Steam Workshop collection, where you can subscribe and unsubscribe all the server mods at once when mods are updated.

Detailed Server Mod List
Incomplete List (missing Isle of Tir-na-Nog, Lemurian Architect, Shani's Stuff, Das letzte Kapitel: Decorations, Armor and Weapon Stats in Bench - AWS, and Thralls are Alive)


Pippi - User & Server Management

Admin Mod with Special Placeables

What is Pippi?
Pippi is a mod created for Conan Exiles by the user Joshtech a.k.a. CoOkIeMoNsTeR. What is Pippi? In short, it is many things. Pippi offers admins the ability to easily operate their servers and maintain their player base. They can enlist the help of moderators without giving them full access to the admin panel. Admins also have the option to enhance their players’ game play by creating kits, establish warp points for fast travel, and easily change character names, levels, and skill points. That is just to name a few features.

Mythos Greystone Building Pieces.jpg

Mythos: Greystone Building Pieces

Foundations / Building Pieces

This mod adds a greystone alternative for all of the T1 & T2 building pieces, including wells and gates!

Stygian Building Kit.jpg

Stygian Building Kit

Foundations / Building Pieces

A simple kit for making clay brick buildings based on those found in Sepermeru. There's a 1 point feat under master mason to learn recipes.

Known issues:
*Pool lacks water physics and underwater shader.

Northern Timber.jpg

Northern Timber

Foundations / Buildings Pieces / Placeables

Northern Timber is a 90 piece Tier 1 build set designed to be a better visual fit in the northern areas. It offers minor Cold Insulation. The set is designed to allow upgrade from Sandstone T1. Now includes a Snowy Thatch Roof option!

Stockade Build Set is a 56 piece Tier 2 build set designed to feel right at home in the cold north and can be used to upgrade from Northern Timber Tier 1.

The Bossonian Build Set is a 101 piece Tier 3 set designed to feel right at home in the cold north and can be used to upgrade from Northern Timber Tier 1 and Stockade Tier 2. Now includes a Snowy Roof option!

The Murayama Build Set is a 95 piece Tier 3 set as a cold weather couterpart to the original Yamatai set and can be used to upgrade from Northern Timber Tier 1, Stockade Tier 2 and Bossonian Tier 3. The Murayama set does not include Wedge Foundation, Wedge Ceiling or Wedge Roof tiles by design. The Yamatai generally build using right angles. Instead there are multiple ceiling tiles, standard 45 degree and shallow 26 degree pitched roof tiles. There are also Half Walls, Half Sloping Walls and a Half Stair.

Thrall War Decorations.jpg

Thrall War Decorations

Foundations / Buildings Pieces / Placeables

Decorations to compliment the Thrall War mod and other mods, can also be used stand alone.

- Full lemurian build set. (Designed by Thyra)
- Stygian build set (Not finished, work in progress) (Designed by Thyra)
- Nordheimer well (Designed by Thyra)
- Round stairs (T1, T2, T3, Insulated, Black Ice , and Lemurian) - Models from the old Pythagoras mod.
- 3 Faction banners to compliment the Thrall War main mod. (Design by thyra)
- 2 new crafting mats.
- Outpost Obelysk to support kingdom play.

Desert Town.jpg

Desert Town

Foundations / Buildings Pieces / Placeables

Add some buildings elements and decorations items to create new surroundings in a desert's town atmosphere.
This mod is a building mod to create your own city. There is no location with cities or buildings.

Gothic Architecture.jpg

Gothic Architecture

Foundations / Buildings Pieces

This mod is a new and improved version of my Cathedrals mod, and has been created as a part of a collection of mods for the Erebus server. It adds a gothic-themed build set in both brick and stone, and more pieces will be added to the mod over time.

Ancient Civilizations.jpg

Ancient Civilization

Foundations / Buildings Pieces / Placeables

Add some buildings elements and decorations items to create new surroundings in a dwarf ancient civilization atmosphere.

WARNING : sometimes, some parts of buildings suffer from shifts or a stability problem and fall to the ground (especially with big slanded walls), although I tried to fix this but no result at the moment.
However, you may still use it on a server (some servers have been using it for a while without issue)

Dudes new mod.png

Dudes Creative Construction

Foundations / Building Pieces & Placeables

This Mod is currently a WIP. Pretty much all the construction models from my previous mods are included in this one. The Pier Shack items and ships are NOT included in this mod, (Sorry), nor are there any decorative pieces with the exception of very few that go with the current construction pieces. Decorations will be in a separate Mod.

Adds 5 new feats with hundreds of exciting Construction options. All new feats have their own work stations, so no more cluttering up your personal inventory. The work stations require certain types of Thralls which are listed in their descriptions.

Feat: Halfling Homesteader: Work Station: Halfling_Homesteaders_Work_Station Thrall: Cook 3
Build some cozy Halfling style homes. The hill models should be used just like a ceiling/floor peice. They are quite large, so you may want to place them first and then put the walls around them. Planning is key.

Feat: Bath House Builder: Work Station: Bath_House_Work_Station Thrall: Dancer 3
Build a relaxing space with these models.

Feat: Castle Constructor: Work Station: Castle_Constructors_Work_Station Thrall: Armorer 3
Reworked models from my previous mod, plus some new ones. Poophole model NOW HAS STAINS! Castle Arch Wall V4 is a gate frame and placement may be tricky, the Arch Doors go with this piece.

Feat: Village Builder: Work Station: Town_Builders_Work_Station Thrall: Blacksmith 3
All new Tavern, Poor, and Manor construction models. The Manor 1st floor exterior doorframe models are the same as gateframes, placement may be tricky, the Manor Double Doors go with these 2 pieces. The Covered Bridge model is 3 blocks long.

Feat: Roofing_Erector Work Station: Roofers_Work_Station Thrall: Taskmaster 3
Adds the Metal roof Set as well as 4 colored Cloth Awnings and some new window versions. This work station is quite large, (3 blocks high and 2 wide), and should be placed outside, preferably next to a building. I am not planning on adding the ceramic/clay tile roof sets, but there is going to be a Poor Roof set in the future.

More to come...

Limestone Buildings.jpg

Limestone Buildings

Foundations / Buildings Pieces

Yes, I'm aware that Jewel of the West and Architects of Argos exist. This mod was made in 2018 specifically for a server. It was never meant to be professionally made (we're amateur modders, not professional 3D artists. If we were, you wouldn't be reading this). It was just meant to fill in a gap for a specific server need, and do it for free. And it did that. Feel free to not use the mod and use the available, high quality DLC's instead.

SH - Building Kit.jpg

SH - Building Kit

Buildings Pieces

A mod with several building pieces for the RP server "Schattenhain" (pure german speaking server)

Savage Steel.jpg

Savage Steel


This mod has a wide variety of realistic placeable or RP items. Some of the features that we have are inventories in sacks, crates, barrels and many other items. We also have extra storage space in our Strongbox chests. We now have "Pick Up" on the Savage Steel placeables. We have designed our placeables to be placed closely together or stacked, if desired. We will continue to add to this mod on an ongoing basis. This mod is designed for the Savage Steel server, but anyone is welcome to use it.

Savage Steel Vol 2.jpg

Savage Steel Vol II



This mod has a wide variety of realistic pirate based placeable or RP items. Some of the features that we have are ships, lighthouse, pirate loot and much more!! We have "Pick Up" on the Savage Steel vol.II placeables. We have designed our placeables to be placed closely together or stacked, if desired. We will continue to add to this mod on an ongoing basis. This mod is designed for the Savage Steel server, but anyone is welcome to use it.

Deco and Placeables.jpg

Deco & Placeables (Road to Crafting Overhaul)

Foundations / Placeables

Add some decorations items and craft stations to decorate your surroundings.

Frost and Volcanic Placeables.jpg

Frost and Volcanic Placeable

2 Crafting Stations

This is a quality of life mod that let's players have their own personal placeable for the Frost Temple Smithy and Volcanic Forge. The advantage for having your own placeable is that it will let you avoid having to run all the way to the dungeons for your crafting needs.

They are expensive to craft, however. Be prepared that you will need to farm a lot of resources in order to craft one of each. I did try to make the placeables rewarding though. I could have made a simple small crafting station of some sort, and maybe some people would have preferred I had done so. But instead, I decided to have some fun (because making mods is after all, about having fun) and made a couple of unique looking placeables that you can use for decoration as well. They are rather large, but I hope that players enjoy the decoration possibilities that come with them.

The visuals I gave them were inspired by the dungeons and the crafting stations themselves. That's a major reason why they ended up as large as they are. The dungeon versions are very much a lot bigger. So I took that concept, along with using meshes that made up both the crafting stations and the dungeons themselves, to come up with something fun and unique for the placeables.

SvS vol 2.jpg

Shadows of Skelos Vol 2


+ over 500 new placeables: animals, food, boxes, fishes, racks, cats, tents, statues, treasure, loot, shamanistic and savge deco and much more
+ many items support SAW (SvS Appearance Widget) to re-colour and re-position items after placement
+ swimming boats (float animation, can be enabled/disabled) and swimming items

SvS Extended.jpg

Shadows of Skelos Extended


+ You will get placeable animals, waterfalls, water planes, weapons, armors, statues, skulls & bones, carcasses, fire, fog, cobwebs, tombstones, tents and much, much more
+ over 30 new feats like e.g. stonemason, potter, savage craft, animal tamer, armor smith, weapon smith and many more
+ nearly 30 RP tokens to use with Pippi
+ This mod introduces SAW (SvS Appearance Widget) to re-colour, re-size and re-position items after placement.

Exiled Extreme.jpg

Exiles Extreme

Placeables / Gear / Skins

To describe Exiles Extreme is difficult, because there is all sorts of items you can find inside the mod. "A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one." Is how you could describe this mod. Exiles Extreme is a smorgasbord of pets, mounts, place-ables, structures, weapons, armor, cosmetics, and decorations.



Placeables - Quality of Life Features

This mod is intended for roleplayers and other Conan Exiles players who want a rich and immersive experience. It is crafted with players at the forefront of our work; you won't need the admin panel to access any of the mod's current or future content.

Our focus is interactivity. We want players to feel like the things in our mod can be picked up, held, and put to use. 

Immerse RP.jpg

Immerse RP: Buildings & Placeable Decor


IMMERSE RP & Building Decor is intended for servers or Single Play players to add a little life and immersion to their game.

* Over 400 new placeables to decorate your world with!

* Crates, barrels, etc, can be used as storage.

* New drop materials from bushes, rocks, and more.

* Produce Vendors
Placed by admins to create a market of new fruits & veggies for food decor. (Please be aware our food decor is not for actual consumption at the moment)

* Luxury Goods Merchant
Placed by admins allowing players to purchase beautiful products such as Silk Sitting Pillows, Tables, Paintings, and the entertaining Hookah! (don't forget to put some tobacco or hemp in there for the full effect :P)

Placed by admins allowing players to purchase Animal Trainers, Eggs, and certain animals.

* Coin and Item Exchange
Break your coins into change with the coin exchange or swap items at the Item Exchange. Coin and Item Exchanges must be placed by the admin. There are 2 versions of the Item Exchange.

* Create a Gazel Corral to harvest it's milk and meat for food. You can also breed your gazels for baby fawns, who in turn will mature into adult Gazels for more farming! Be careful though, your gazels can and will die if you are not taking care of them!

* Dock Builder
A full dock building set of snap-able pieces allows you to create any shaped dock you wish. Pillar pieces to put underneath the docks are also available.

:: New crafting stations include ::
- Spinning Wheel
Craft new rugs and pillows

- Tavern Bar
Use Ale crafted from the Big Keg to fill your bar and hand out Mugs of Ale to others. If ale isn't enough to satisfy you, purchase a plate of yummy Bacon & Eggs! (Not yet edible, decor only)

- Big Keg
Craft Ale and fill up an empty mug with it at the Tavern Bar.

- Chamber Pots
After filling up on some grub and creating some feces (ewww) you may want to drop that load in a chamber pot, at least it won't be going to waste seeing as it turns to compost :D

- Fishing Boat
Tired of fishing with nets? Use a fishing boat! (Must be placed near water. The fishing boat cannot be placed on open bodies of water! However you can fake the effect by building a platform and stairs underneath it to climb aboard.

- Animal Trainer
Those damn pens are so cruel!.Hire an Animal Trainer to get the job done humanely, it may cost you a few silver coins, but you know you are doing the right thing. Hire one at the nearest Farm Merchant!


Glass Constructions and more...

Foundations / Buildings Pieces / Placeables

Glass Constructions - Recycling Smelter, Great Furnace, Great Carpenter's Saw Bench
Campfire Grill, Great Tannery, Greater Firebowl and more ...

Extended Cartography.jpg

Extended Cartography

Teleporting Obelisk

A teleportation extension to cartography to allow building an independent network of miniature replica obelisks that are connected to one another. Balanced and lore-friendly convenience for the late game.

Unstable Improved Archery Overhaul.png

Improved Archery Overhaul

Archery Changes (QoL)

Aren't you satisfied with vanilla Conan Exiles Archery? Then you could find this mod interesting.

This mod aims to improve the whole archery gameplay experience, offering a more diversified and interesting archery in Conan Exiles instead of the vanilla one.

It adds 6 new bows, 15 new arrows, 2 new debuff with various levels of intensity. It changes 11 vanilla bows and 6 vanilla arrows. It doesn't change any DLC content. penetration over a Flinthead, and a lighter weight. Flintheads are heavier but deal more raw damage.

Martial combat.jpg

Martial Combat

Gear / Unarmed Combat

- Unarmed Combat Feats for basic and mastery
- Recipes for Knockout and Deadly damage for both
- Recipes for NPC use Item, scaling by strength but ultimately a bit less strong
- Unarmed Combat damage gets calculated by Agility, the numbers shown in the stats screen for bonus damage are wrong
- Quarter Staff, also agility based, same rules as the fists, no weapon modifications possible, item is uncapped for agility
- NPC Staff, can use weapon mods but has no attribute Bonus and no random crit perk

- Admin spawn item: Fist of Doom (The 1st attacks hurls light enemies, the 2nd combo attack kills everything)
- Admin spawn item: Uncapped Deadly damage Item, it scales where ever agility goes, there is no cap at agility 50
- Admin spawn item: Unarmed Combat Legend (Deadly), does a bit more damage than master and also does not cap at Agility 50
- Admin spawn item: Unarmed Combat Epic (Deadly) + Quarter Staff, does a more damage than legend and also does not cap at Agility 50

Important: These only work with light or medium armor, heavy armor (even one piece) will negate the agility damage bonus, this is not a bug

Note: The offhand item needs to be equipped, else the left fist and the secondary key functionality will not work properly.

NOTE: The base damage without bonuses is poor, it scales drastically upon improving agility (and strength a bit)!

NOPeRs Lighted Power Stones.jpg

NOPeR's Lighted Power Stones (Wearable Torches)


Craftable Power Stones that when carried cause the Exile's Bracelet Gem to glow. Other than the basic Stone, the icons for the Power Stones show a glowing Exile's Bracelet, because I think it looks nice :)

They work while carrying anything, wielding 2 handed weapons or with a shield, and underwater.

Level 15 Feat - Power Stone Recipe
Level 15 Feat - 9 Colored Bracelet Recipes
Level 30 Feat - 2 Brighter Bracelet Recipes: Standard and Glowing Stick Torch

The Feats have no cost and the Power Stones have no weight; however, the item recipes are somewhat unique and I hope that some fun can be had collecting all the colors.

Selecting the Use button on any Power Stone item will toggle on/off the light for all Stones. While carrying multiple Power Stones the first one on your shortcut bar, then your inventory, will be the active one.

Should be 100% compatable with other mods. Uses ID range 9519440 - 9519459

Tip: If you didn't already know, using a pick on almost any harvestable resources gives you significantly more

Coup De Grace Tools.jpg

Coup De Grace Tools


This mod adds new religion tools that instantly kill unconscious T1-T3 NPCs . Each religion gets two new feats that allow creation of these new harvesting tools.

This makes cleaning up a village of unconscious bodies a lot less tedious and much faster.

Due to the instant kiling feature you will not get any killing xp though when using these tools.

This mod overrides no base game items and should cause no conflicts. All new items and recipes are packed into new features in the respective religion tree



Map Expansion

Redesigns North Eastern part of the map to a high jungle, temperate forest and rocky mountain.

River Boats of the Exiled Lands.jpg

River Boats of the Exiled Lands

Map Expansion

1. Boats support players traveling to and from locations in the Exiled Lands on a preplanned route.
2. No you cannot build on boats.
3. Boats will travel thru building pieces when blocked. Players will be knocked off boats.
4. Boats will not carry following Thralls/pets stable. Thralls and pets will summon constantly, will knock players off.
5. Knocked out Thralls can be dragged onto boats and transported. They will hang off small boats.
6. Players can jump on or off boats while in motion. However Stamina is required to climb into boats.
7. Boats support emotes when commanded while riding.
8. Boats are non destructible.
9. Boats stop on a timer at each docking point. Timer starts/stop on Arrival/departure. Times will very in the future
10. Dropping items on boats during movement will roll off the boats.
11. Boat Routes may change in the future.
12. Camel Transport boat is immersion only.
13. Boat Routes cannot be admin changed or player changed. These are currently permanent to the mod and map.
14. Yes more detail to the cities and river boats mod coming. It?s a time consuming process.
15. Sorcery was used to make boats travel on water. No Baby kappas were harmed in the making of boat mod.
16. Uses mod Control Panel

Curse Wall Removal.jpg

Expanded Map - Curse Wall Removal

Map Expansion

This mod is a continuation of Solution's Curse Wall Removal. It removes the curse wall and expands out the invisible world blockers.


3001 Ways to Die Mod

Server Settings Mod

This is a server related mod - current changing the Stamina gained per point spent and Encumbrance per point spent.



Quality of Life

Wear the armor that matches your current situation and give it the look you like best!

MCP Widgets.jpg


Quality of Life

MCP Widgets contains 3 unique widgets designed specifically to be used with mod control panel.

  • Widget 1 - Notes, allows the users to create and save convenient notes.

  • Widget 2 - Recipes, allows the user to scroll through their current recipes and see lots of information about the recipe, what craft station, how much XP, crafting time, etc, the recipe widget also has a built in filter and recipe calculator so you can calculate how many ingredients you need to make the just right amount of foundations ;)

  • Widget 3 - Server Util, this widget is only available to admins when the game is running via a dedicated server, this widget allows admins to setup convenient server restart messages to notify players when the server is about to restart, it also allows admins to broadcast a server wide message to all currently connected players. (this widget is still in beta stage).

Mod Control Panel.jpg


Quality of Life

This mod aims to add a convenient UI widget that supports modules, this will mainly be used as the primary settings HUB for all the mods I develop, although it is possible for any mod developer to add a supporting module.

Pythgoras Expanded building.png

Pythagoras: Expanded Building

Building Pieces

This is the relaunch of the original mod. Players need not take any extra steps to change from the old mod to this one other then switching the Steam ID and the .pak file as appropriate. For any additional questions, please visit our discord.

Pythagoras: Expanded Building (PEB) adds many options for granting additional support to ceilings. There are horizontal support beams as always (more obvious beams and low profile ones), along with various diagonal options, and lattice ceilings that can be hidden inside any ceiling to grant stability.

Then their are extensions to add additional sockets, such as the lattice ceilings adding way more pillar sockets, a double wall extension, a half and fence wall extension that can be hidden inside walls and fences, and a gate frame extension to allow placing any gate frame to the edge of ceilings.

Very unique to this mod is also double door frames! Take nearly any single door found in the game (vanilla, DLC, or modded), and place it in your desired frame and watch it auto scale and turn the door until a functional double door!

For ease of use, all buildings found in this mod have a unique icon and are identified with the hyphen "PEB" at the front of each name.


  • Horizontal Beams that add stability to ceilings (square and wedge versions)

  • Diagonal Beams that add stability to ceilings

  • Lattice Ceilings that can be hidden inside any Ceiling that grant stability and additional Pillar sockets

  • Double and Triple Wall extension to allow two or three walls to be placed right next to each other

  • Half Wall and Fence extension that can be hidden inside walls or fences to add additional sockets.

  • Gate Frame extension to allow placement of Gate Frames at the edge of Ceilings (square or wedge).

  • Several beams and extensions that can grant stability, rotate buildings in ways never before possible (60 degrees, 90 degreees, and 180 degrees), or both!

  • Double Door Frames that will turn any single door into a functional double door. The doors will scale automatically to your chosen frame! (Available in 1x, 1.5x, 2x, 45 degree angled, 1x ceiling, and 2x ceiling!)

    Note: These are dyeable with Emberlight Chroma (will require an Emberlight update for the Tavern and Darkwood sets). For instructions, please visit our discord!

Highly Recommended Mods to Use with PEB

Every mod piece has a unique Icon to help you identify it as a Pythagoras piece.

LBPR - Additional Features.jpg

LBPR - Additional Features

Foundations / Buildings Pieces / Placeables

This is your item description. Use this space to add a description of the services, products, team members or any other items you want to highlight on your site. Have a lot to say? Easily turn any item into a full page by clicking ‘Create a page from this item’ in the edit panel.


Less Building Placement Restrictions

Quality of Life

The Less Building Placement Restrictions (LBPR) mod, is intended to make building and placement easier. It offers a wide, and ever growing list of features that can make your building dreams come true. From having a Green Arrow show you which direction is front, to dozens of custom Overlap Exceptions, to being able to merge placeables together, to create unique shapes, to quality of life improvements, to taking over your favorite NPC camp and turning it into your own. If you are a building fan at all, you will find enjoyment with this mod.

And, all the major features of LBPR can be toggled on or off for your server or single player playthrough as you desire!


  • Build anywhere you want to, whether that's an NPC camp, a dungeon, or a cave. This can be toggled so that anybody can build anywhere, just admin's, or nobody.

  • Multiple different blockers you would normally receive with vanilla have been turned off, though they can also be toggled back on as you desire.

  • Thrall and Pet placement is easier then ever with it's own sets of toggles.

  • Arrow directionals to help make building placement easier than ever.

  • Dozens of custom overlap exceptions made for a multitude of different building scenarios, offering more freedom than ever to help you reach your building goals.

Better Thralls.jpg

Better Thralls

Quality of Life


Pickup Thralls / Pets
Thralls and pets can be picked up again (if the inventory of the thrall / pet is empty). If you pickup a thrall/pet with the new level system you will lose all progress. The thrall/pet starts with level 0 and new random stats!

Additional Followers
The default setting for the additional followers is 3 (3+1 original follower of the game). Max value: 10

XP Sharing
XP Sharing for your additional followers. Attention: it's OFF by default!

Fall Damage Reduction
Reduce the fall damage of thralls / pets. No more elevator suicide of your favourite thrall / pet.

A system similar to the whistle system from ARK - give commands to all your thralls in range.
Press T (default keybinding) to open the warcry menu.

New thrall: the lamplighter. Placed in your own base she/he will take care of your lighting.

Force Truncheon
Following Thralls will always try to use the same weapon type (lethal/non-lethal) as the player.

Experimental Features

Note: experimental features are OFF by default!

Thrall Carry
Thralls, horses and pets can drag unconcious thralls.

Pet Animations
Different 'idle' animations for your placed pets like sit or relax (depending on the pet type).

Thrall Side Kick.jpg


Quality of Life

Bind up to 6 thralls as "SideKicks" to your bracelet.

!!!Now includes Pets!!!

Summon Side Kicks from anywhere at anytime.
Send Side Kicks home from anywhere at anytime from emotes menu.

Have you ever left a thrall somewhere and forgot?
Watched a thrall get dangerously low in health during combat?
Waited for them to show up after an adventure?
Die teleporting in Volcano?
Ever had a thrall fall through terrain, get stuck in foundations or float away?
Simply click "All go home" icon near where you think they might be.
Then check their home location.

Set Home location separate from the "Guarding spot" for Thralls. This way you can place thralls while you're on the go.
Send Thralls Home by selecting them. Or send multiple thralls home through emotes menu. (Must be within following range)

** !! Now you can send them home fast and safe by selecting them !! **

Name save feature, server side, has been implemented.
No longer do you have to remember the names of your thralls and rename on login.

Kerozard's Paragon Leveling.jpg

Kerozard's Paragon Leveling

Quality of Life

This highly customizable mod improves your long-term playing experience by increasing the level range up to level 300. Every level past level 60 grants additional attribute and feat points, allowing you to max all attributes and learn all feats once you reach level 300. Reaching level 300 is not meant to be easily reached with 1,131,329,000 total experience required. At level 300, you will also be given a generous bonus amount of feat points to spend (great for when using lots of other mods that require feat point spending).

The most unique feature about this leveling mod is that your character will also gain paragon buffs as your character continues to level. Every 10 levels starting at level 70, you will gain an increased chance of triggering one of the Paragon Bonuses.

Paragon Settings Window

To access the Paragon Settings, take a quick look at the images on this workshop page. Or, navigate to the "Stats" menu and locate the Paragon button.

Paragon Bonuses

  • Sturdy Materials

    At level 70, this paragon buff grants an increasing chance to avoid any durability loss whenever your items are being damaged.

  • Harvest Proficiency

    From level 80 onward, you gain an increasing chance to receive bonus items from harvesting.

  • Keen Eye

    Once you reach level 90 you will have an increasing chance to hit an enemy critically and deal additional damage.


Unlock Plus (with Pickup)

Quality of Life


  • Locking Capabilities

    • ...for placeables - Adds locking capabilities to all placeables.

    • ...for doors and gates - Adds locking capabilities to all doors and gates.

  • Thrall Protection

    • Profession thralls assigned to a crafting station can only be removed by the owner, even if the crafting station is not locked.

  • Breakable Locks

    • Breakable locks for all chests like Wooden Box, Large Chest or Cupboard and all crafting stations like Tannery, Blacksmith's Bench or Campfire. A lock breaks when the health falls below the set percentage threshold. Once the lock is broken, anyone can open the box and loot the content.

  • Extended Storage - extends the standard storage by the set multiplier (range: 1 to 10)

    • ...for chests - Enables the extended storage for all chests like Wooden Box, Large Chest or Cupboard and extends the standard storage by the set multiplier.

    • ...for crafting stations - Enables the extended storage for all crafting stations like Tannery, Blacksmith's Bench or Campfire and extends the standard storage by the set multiplier.

  • Return to Inventory (Pickup) - Enables 'Return to Inventory' for placeables and/or building parts. Damaged placeables must be repaired before they can be returned to inventory.

    • ...for building parts - Enables 'Return to Inventory' for all building parts like foundations, door frames or ceilings.

    • ...for placeables - Enables 'Return to Inventory' for all placeables like Wooden Box, Large Chest, Cupboard, Tannery, Blacksmith's Bench or Campfire. 'Return to Inventory' can be disabled for all placeables of a specific type (overrules the general setting). Does not affect items marked by the game as 'returnable'.

  • Private Chests

    • A large private chest, accesible only by the player who placed it (and thus locked for all other clan members)

  • Resource Management - Experimental!

    • move matching items from your inventory to the storage container

    • pull the items you need for your craft from nearby storage containers and crafting stations

Stack Size Plus.jpg

Stacksize Plus

Quality of Life

The ultimate stack size mod. Configurable stack size, also for DLC items and items from other mods!


Improved Quality of Life

Quality of Life

This is your item description. Use this space to add a description of the services, products, team members or any other items you want to highlight on your site. Have a lot to say? Easily turn any item into a full page by clicking ‘Create a page from this item’ in the edit panel.


Hosav's Custom UI Mod

Quality of Life

The most customisable UI Mod in Conan Exiles History! Over 50 options to change and customise!

Load after other UI mods for minimum issues

Inspired by the looks of the Black Desert HUD, I really wanted to rework my UI mod into something special, clean, unique and most importantly, something players could customize so much their brains would leak out their ears.

HUD = Heads Up Display (Information on your Screen)

There are also options to disable all the new fancy stuff for those who prefer the vanilla look of things.

UI Options Guide[]

Also works perfectly with IQoL, as you can easily disable the hooks from IQoL with a simple checkbox in this mod. Or if you rather want the IQoL UI you can disable the custom UI features from my mod.

This Mod now has a minimap, which you can customize the position of, the border visibillity and the color of the border with more features in the future.

You are also able to customize each individual element of the HUD, being able to disable them and change color via a color wheel for most of the HUD elements.

You can also disable things like the hotbar when you are not in the inventory, show buff descriptions in the screen buff entries, put the statbars in the bottom middle of the screen and so so so much more!

When in the in-game menu (Esc) you will be able to see the Server Name, Region and your Local Time as well.

There is also a damage indicator which will pop up when enabled and you or a thrall deal or take damage from/with a weapon.
These damage indicators show different damage types with different colors and icons.

Greater Camera Distance.jpg

Greater Camera Distance

Quality of Life

Allows the vanity and third person cameras to zoom out really far.

Amunet Server Transfer.jpg

Amunet Server Transfer

Quality of Life

A server cluster solution for conan.
This mod allows switching "on the fly" between servers (in multiplayer) and maps (in singleplayer) while taking your character with you.

Savage Wilds.jpg

Savage Wilds

New Map

Map features

  • Recipe availability: All recipes from the Exiled Lands (except for the Map-room) are available on The Savage Wilds map. In addition, most of the Siptah recipes are as well!

  • New Fast-travel system: Shima the Caravaneer will grant you access to different key locations on the map, as long as you have the money to pay for it. Discover all her locations for a fast-travel-fiesta!

  • Purges: The purges on the Savage Wilds are guaranteed to have thrallable humans in them. No animal-only purges.

  • Event system: Be it imp-raids on NPC settlements, meteor storms, sunken wrecks or lost kittens, events in the Savage Wilds give an extra flavor to the map. These events are an opt-in system and has to be activated in order for them to run. In addition to this, seasonal events such as Halloween and Christmas are available.

  • Delving: The Delving system from Siptah is active in the Exiled Lands as well. You may find Eldarium in rare chests in camps to use towards this purpose.

  • New NPC factions: Meet the Hyrkanian Outriders, the Hyperboreans and Clan Culann. One of these are friendly. And it's not the Hyperboreans.

  • RP-support locations: The Savage Wilds extends support to RP communities by having dedicated areas for admin-buildable spaces.

  • No Mans Land Dungeon Hub: The Savage Wilds features a Dungeon Hub accessible from Shima. This location is a large area where players can explore dungeon content.

  • Mercantile system: Vendors in The Savage Wilds accept all manners of coin for their wares and will automatically give you change back. No need to have the exact amount of change in your inventory.

New factions

  • Hyperboreans: The savage Hyperboreans have claimed large parts of the northern territories, and you enter their domain on pain of death. Louhi, the Witch-queen rules her warriors with an iron fist. The Hyperboreans are much too Savage to be thralled.

  • Hyrkanian: The Outriders of Hyrkania have claimed parts of the western part of the map where they search the surrounding area for foals for their warriors.

  • Clan Culann: The Cimmerians of Clan Culann have been forced out of their home. Where they have gone, only few know.

Adventure locations

The Savage Wilds houses four themed adventure locations. These are not dungeons and can be built in. Shima has also set up shop in or near these locations. Explore the Savage Wilds to find them all. The locations are:

  • The Volcano

  • The Last Refuge

  • The Ruins of Xun'Sha

  • The Lost Valley


Savage Wilds has a dungeon hub named "No Mans Land". No Mans Land is an open playable (but not buildable) space where you can explore, find secrets, fight powerful bosses and of course, get new recipes and loot. This dungeon hub grants access to a number of dungeons, as listed below:

  • The Sunken Forge

  • The Blackblood Crypt

  • The Lost Atheneum

  • The Engineers Prison

  • The House of Vala

  • The Halls of the Voidforge

You can access the No Mans Land area through Shima, who will escort you there in exchange for Bronze Coins. In addition, Savage Wilds has a number of caves and instances that you might call dungeons, such as the Tomb of the Atlantean King spread across the map.

Mods are descriptions are based on descriptions from the Steam Workshop on Jan 15, 2022 or later depending when I added the mod to the servers.

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